Knowing Me, Knowing You

Objectives: To help the students and their board mates to be aware of who they are.

To encourage students to build friendships/positive relationships with their board mates.
Dynamics of the activity:
Team Leaders: Male and female (serves as Moderators)
Facilitators: At least one per group.
  1. Ideally, Group the students/Participants at least 5 giving at least 1 facilitator per group but it could depend upon the size of the students and the no. of the facilitators that is present. (Note: The smaller the group, the better to consume less time and to be able to build more rapport. 5 is not too big and not to small.)
  2. After the grouping give an ice breaker and follows the getting to know you portion done in every group. Thereafter, the activity/discussion is given.
  3. After the group discussion/Activity, 1-2 students/participants will be ask to share what they have discussed n their group.
  4. After the sharing, a little talk will be given by the team leaders or by the guidance counselor. (Note: In any case, the team leader may give the outlined talk and after, additional inputs may be given by the guidance counselor that will serve as the conclusion/challenge from the activity/discussion.)

Sample Schedule:
7:00-7:15—————————–Arrival/Coordination of the Boarding House
7:15-7:20—————————-Opening Prayer
7:20-7:25—————————-Orientation about what is Boarding House Visitation (Opening remarks)
7:25-730——————————Grouping/Ice Breaker/Getting to know you
8:10-8:15—————————–Additional Outputs
8:15-8:25—————————–Evaluation Forms/Guidance services, tutorials and SPF activities invitation
8:15-8:30—————————-Closing Prayer

These following questions will be the center of the discussion. Some are answered by completing the sentences.
  1. Knowing Me
I am strong___________. I am hurt when___________. I am weak_______________. People always say negative things to me like _____________.People always say positive things to me like _____________.I hate ____________.I like _______________.I am sad_______. I am happy__________. I knew myself as__________.
  1. Knowing You
My boardmates are___________. I often get angry with them because____________. I feel especial when my boardmates_________. I want my boardmates to know that____________. I wish that my boardmates will______________. I wish to know more about my boardmates especially because_________________.
(Note: In giving the activity, allow all the participants to answer first the Knowing Me portion before proceeding to Knowing You.)
Knowing Me, Knowing You
(Talk Outline/Synthesis)
  1. I. Introduction:
Humans are social beings and as the common saying emphasizes, “No one is an ISLAND.”. Truly, no one can live alone. We are faced to adjust to the uniqueness and diversity of every human being. As to right now, we are college students mostly coming from different places, coming from different families, and coming from different sub-cultures – living in one area, one place, and here in one boarding house.
  1. II. Knowing Me:
Knowing me means that we try to know more about ourselves of our weaknesses, of our strengths, of what others say about you, of what things do you like or dislike, or what makes you happy or sad, what times do you feel hurt and what makes you feel special. Knowing yourself is a crucial part to let you be known to others. As a saying goes, “What you think of yourself will be how other’s would think about you.”.
Knowing me also means that by letting others know about yourself, they will learn to adjust and understand you more.
  1. III. Knowing You:
Knowing you means how you see others, your desire to know others, the removal of the prejudices of other’s, your understanding for others and how you adjust and learn how to love and care others.
Knowing You also means that by striving to know others, you will learn to adjust and understand more other people.
  1. Conclusion:
Knowing Me, Knowing You is crucial part in building relationships especially in our own boarding houses. No one is perfect but we could learn to understand and love others. Build friendships/positive relationships with your board mates. In times of troubles, you can lean on each other, whether in sickness, financial, of even emotional and lovelife. Remember that no one is an island and it’s up to you if you want to disprove it. It is your decision to let yourself be known to others and let yourself explore others.
Note: Synthesis is the summary of the discussion. Facilitators should generated them and make the talk outline as additional insights and learnings. Facilitator should be able to prompt and generate questions.
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