The New Bamboo Savings Bank

"I tried my best to stop my tears from flowing while I was riding a jeepney going home. The experience lead me to reflect something about how I have lived my life and how others are living it. When I was a kid, whenever my family would visit our nearby City, I usually ask my mother a few coins and she would wonder what would I do with the money. Then, she would realize that I gave the coin to the beggar on the street. The next time I asked her, she would smile at me because she knows what am I going to do with it. "

I just parted away with my friends and then I saw at the corner of the road going home was someone who sells Bamboo Coin Banks. Whenever I see people selling these kind of stuffs, I always buy if I have money in my pocket. I have this thought that they came from the rural areas and went down to sell their products so they can buy new clothes, some food and other supplies.

But, this time it was different in some way. I approached with a greeting saying how beautiful the designs they had. And what struck me was when she said that I was her first costumer. It's almost 11:00 PM already and to think of how long she must have displayed her items pierced my heart. I looked at her eyes even though it was a bit dimmed and she couldn't help but say Thank You many times. At some point, It seemed that my aching heart couldn't contain the tingling sensation inside. What I did was instead of buying the small bamboo coin bank worth 20 pesos, I added 15 pesos to buy the bigger one. I don't have enough money to spend on it. I am still looking for a job and financially , I am still dependent to my parents.

Must have been that the people near the area heard our small conversation and a lady bought two pieces at 35 pesos each. It eased my aching heart for a while. I then left and as I rode the jeepney going home, I did my best not to fall a tear. Many people must have wondered why I bought a bamboo coin bank in the first place. The passengers inside are noticeably looking at me and the long coin bank I have.

Arriving home, tears flowed in my eyes. I showed to my Aunt proudly the item I bought. The Last time I bought one, I gave it to my brother and to a friend. They were happy to receive it. 

Ate X who sells it is something I am proud of. Instead of begging for money, they had chosen to work hard to earn. These people are trying to earn a living the best they could , in an upright and rightful way. Instead of begging or stealing, there lies their choice to go against the current even if i'ts difficult.

If we ever met people who sells bamboo coin banks, maybe you will consider buying one for yourself or someone close to us. It empowers them and thus preserving their Human Dignity.Buying one can mean that what they do is something they should keep up. Buying one may mean that you came to understand their needs. Buying one can mean that you're telling them they are not alone. Buying can mean that you cared to share, you cared to love and you cared to make a difference.

A bamboo bank can change other people's lives and it could change yours. Help Save Others and Help yourself Save Money. The New Bamboo Savings Bank. :)
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