Personal Journal: The What, Where and When

Journal is like a time capsule, you can always go back where you wished to re-experience what life has been.

What is a Journal?
Journal is written record of incidents, experiences, and ideas.I’ve been writing journals since I was second year high school. It’s my way to express my feelings, thoughts and analyze my experience through the day. You must have been looking for tips and some guide on how will you start it and make it as your habit. You must be interested in making your own journal because your wouldn’t find my blog anyway.
Why Write Journals?
Why do you want to write a journal? When I started mine, I have a major reason and that is to improve my writing skills. Later on, I find it as a memory bank where I can easily access my previous activities and recall the joy and the pain that I experienced. It’s like being able to recall again in detail and as I read by my journals flashbacks would occur. Finding comfort with my journal is one of the satisfactions that I had. Well, might be that your purpose in writing such an awesome data storage is to express what you feel or keep in touch with yourself .  To some people like researchers, they use journals to record their data and procedures and to keep track of their progress. Businessmen write journals so as to take track of their ideas and innovations regarding their business dealings. Whatever is your purpose , Journal Writing is about to unleash something different in your life.

What is inside a Journal?
I always start my journal with the date, the time I started writing and the place where I am writing. Basically, when I read my entries, I can easily recall how I felt that day, my mood and what I was doing before writing. It would often tell whether I was fine or not and what caused these emotions to sprung.  You can write how you performed a particular task or who inspired you that day. I usually highlight the most significant event of that day and discuss it all though out.  I had entries where I was able to express my first impression regarding our English teacher. My high school journal was so private because it contains my deep feelings to a very special someone that had caught my hearts attention for the first time. Seems to be that my first love was the theme of my everyday writing. Writing a journal is like talking to a friend who will always remember how you felt and what you’ve been though. Whatever things you want to add in your journal, it’s up to you because every one has unique ways of putting information on their own archives. Your special  the way you are and you express things in your journal the way you wish it should be. I usually end my journal with an analysis on what things I had learn and what to do the next day. The thoughts of my journal ends with picking up the lessons on that day giving me a lot of learning. Aside from these, it prepares me on what is to come. You have the freedom to choose and I’m sure, what’s inside the journal you are writing is something you will treasure in life.
When and Where to Write?
We have different opinions regarding when to write but most common case when someone writes a Personal Journal, is before they go to sleep. Of course, people write entries before they sleep because they want see though the daily events and review on what they’ve missed. You see, I always bring my journal with me wherever I go – whether I am in school, in work, or with my friends on a beach trip. I always feel the need to write and whenever I feel lonesome or happy – gives me more passion to express what’s inside of me. Having a journal is like having a video or photo taken of you. I write during my free time in school or whenever I am faced with difficulty. I had an experience that I had missed special people in my life, I rode a jeepney going to a beach and right along the shore was a big rock so I climbed in there and started writing on my journal notebook. I would put in how i felt about the wind touching my skin and how beautiful the sea was on the twilight. Writing on a regular venue just like on your study table is a great idea but trying to write wherever and whenever is more challenging and exciting because you put passion on it making an obra maestra and not just a simple written event.
So, If you think its a good choice to start a  personal journal now, get your journal notebook and let the writing begin.

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