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I have felt so much pain in my life about friendship and loving others. Maybe to others, its just an inch of a burden but for me it matters most. I have been broken many times because of treasuring my friends. I consider everyone of them greater than Gold. I love them and I genuinely care for them. Ever since I was young, I experienced pains and had dropped a lot of tears for them, I prayed hard for them and done sacrifices for them. I died myself for them.
Last RYC SHOUT OUT (October 23-25) has been another stop over for me as an avenue for healing. I came to realize that I have been reserving a lot for myself. I was afraid to trust because I am afraid to be hurt. I was afraid to love, because I am afraid to be rejected. I am afraid to give myself, because I might be broken. I am scared of running life. I am scared of loving. I am scared to try because I am afraid to fail. I am afraid to believe because I might be disappointed by the people around me. I am afraid to trust them because they might fail and wound me.
As I came to the conference, I came be satisfied with my thirst to serve God. It was awesome to be part of the General Service team. I was amazed when me, Kent and Rom were in the transportation team. I felt friendship all over again. We were with jason from Zamboanga Norte and we have a real fun talk and tried to get to know each other. It has been a long time since I experienced having nasty jokes and expressing myself.  I treated them with ice cream (except for Jason because he went ahead to practice for the dance for the GIG) and was happy to laugh with the two of them. We waited for the arrival of the delegates and to put Car Pass for their vehicles. Rom bought some bread for us and we really had some funny jokes together. We met one tito who was incharge of the transportation and had a lot of conversation together.
We returned to the venue and together with Jeun and Rob, we joined the accommodation team at the same time, continued putting on the Car Pass. We were so happy to see the delegates coming over. SO much fun and excitement. I met Kevin Jugao, one of our participants during the Refresh Camp in MisOc last 2007 Summer, and we had a some great moments. I was praying to see them. I meet YFCs from Zamboanga Sur and had known Abby (look a like of Cecyl). It was fun bringing them to the Accommodation area and talking to them. I was also humored  when I bumped the post of the school building because I was talking to the delegates. I am glad only few people saw me. :LSuper Satisfying RYC that I ever HAD. So blessed I can’t contain It. So much I have to give it away. 
It was a bit of a tough night and we later went to the gymnasium for the start of the program. We helped in the security and at the end of the night, we facilitated them to return from the gym to the venue.  we later had a meeting and assigned four volunteers for the Food Distribution.  They were Kent, Jeun, Ryan and Mark. If I was not mistaken. Super Satisfying RYC that I ever HAD. So blessed I can’t contain It. So much I have to give it away.  AHAHA.. We took a bath later that night for us to be ready for tommorow.  me, kent rob and rom. 
We helped the food distribution on the second day and became part of the Food Com.. Amazing and was so satisfying… We really had fun distributing the Food. ahahhaha. we had some jokes with those claiming their breakfast and I was really humored. ::) It was something new for me.. I have my friends near me. I am happy to be with them. Its the fellowship that I have with them. SO much fun serving.. I came to finally smile..
We then checked participants playing computer games on the internet cafe and took them out in there.  I bought a white shirt for the Praise and Fashion for talk 2 and around 10 am and toured myself a bit on the city. We had a little practice later for the praise and fashion and was very nervous. It was way out of my comfort zone. I would prefer delivering a talk than having it done. I am not that confident.. But I said.. My confidence is with the LORD.  Kent was joining the Amazing race and they won 1st place with LT, Arnel and Michael and with our titos and titas.. ahahhaha.. amazing.. we won. Rob, Rom and Jeun facilitated the Basketball event..
During the afternoon, we joined the workshop. I joined the COUNT ME IN Workshop and found a lot of lessons regarding discernment.
1. Don’t choose without knowing your choice.
2. You elected someone yet it is ok for them to make a change with the leader alone doing the work.
3. take part of the Action 
After, the workshops, we again facilitated for the YFCs to be on the gymnasium. It was amazing.. hehehehehe.. again, we visited the Internet cafes near the venue and found set of YFCs in there.. hehehehe (naging suki nami sa net cafe). I took charge of the gate entrance in the gym during the Y - Catechism and during the mass. I appreciated the work of a Security. a lot.  so amazed..regulating who comes in and out was really fun-filled. 
At the night session, we helped in the food distribution and i prepared for the night session.. I asked kent, rob , arnel and rom to help me for the praise and fashion.  It was totally out of the comfort zone. I came to realize that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. :)  I am not gifted that much with human beauty but I know I am beautiful in God’s eyes. My confidence is with the LORD. I want to share to them that God has been my life and that I failed to live this SHOUT OUT but now, I want that I will relive the SHOUT OUT that I had before.  Because He really is my life.. I cant live without HIm. He is the blood in my veins, the air that I breath and the heartbeat in every second of my life. 
Talk 1 is about fulfilling the mission. Doing our best for us to less bleed in the battle that we have against our enemy. It is all about doing everything just to fulfill what we have promised to the Lord. Doing everything just to glorify God. Do everything just to share what God has given and had shown unto us. Carrying our cross. Loving Deeply and Living Fully. Overcoming obstacles for God.. It about “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  Its all about fulfilling what Christ has commissioned us.  There were 8 sharers.
talk 2 - my final countdown to sail to the unknown sea that I never tried sailing before. Praise and fashion. I came to get over it. I came to realize more that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Its God’s grace.. Its not my strength.. its God’s ..  talk to tells about failing to live our shout out and it tells about knowing the desires of our heart and that God wants us to be fully happy. He wants us to know what is the deepest desires of our heart and ask it to Him because God wants us to be fully happy and live our lives to the fullest.
i finally wrote that I will be a Mission Volunteer after graduation and become full time worker soon.  I know that this is my desire. This is what I want. God is what I need. 
We are not marketing our faces here. We just want others to hear our shout outs.
After, we again facilitated the return of the participants from the gym to the venue.  so amazing.. a little service meeting.. and in the morning will be the food distribution.. We have a lot of work to be done.. a lot of harvesting to do… I am so exited.. so satisfied.. 
Food com, tita Weng thanked us and we were so inspired. We ate together and had fun.. mark, rob, rom, jeun, kent, ryan, and me. :) We had made a lot of corny jokes..  with the YFCs and titos and titas claiming their meal.. and mingled with Jay Lord, tito Juffel’s and Tita Wengs son. (if I was not mistaken.) We took a bath after the food distribution and told the the yfcs to proceed to the gymnasium.  Stop over in the Internet cafe so as to check YFCs in there and we again found them playing DOTA. 
At the third session, we no longer joined the security team. There are many security team assigned already..
Talk 3 - It tells about living our life to God and living our Shout out daily.. Living the 7 YFC Identities and fulfilling our covenant to God. It tells that we continue what we have started and finish the race strong. Everyday is a journey to fully live our SHOUT OUT. I am a YFC. To be always excellent in my studies and to stand up each fall. Personally, the Lord spoke of Going beyond my comfort zones.. going beyond what I can do.. and I can do all things through Christ.  its about continually MAKING A DIFFERENCE in the world.. 
Mass 2- the mass tells about being like Paul.. like the Rock.. we should be the Rock of God.. :) amazing.. We must be fore God in our choices and our decisions..
back to loving and giving all:
I realized that I have been loving others less and not giving my best.. God taught me through the conference to stand up and move on. To love unconditionally agian.. again.. Love like i was never hurt.. Being hurt is part of loving.. BEING REJECTED is part of loving.. BEING NOT LOVED back is part of loving.. GIVING without expecting something is return is what is loving and God is love…
Finally, My GOD will always be my life.. HE will always be the air I breath, the blood in my veins, the friendship that I will crave for, the comfort zone I will always be with and the Loving God who loves me with no conditions..  I love you LORD.  MY GOD… MY LIFE…
Unforgettable Experience: The Boys with Hoods together with Abby
Boys with Hoods Members:
Ryan Roy Vergara
Kent Wilson Sususco
Francis Alain Ebardo
Roberto Madronial Jr.
Mark Tangalin
Jeun Agustero
Rom Oliver Perez
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